Arlo motion triggers sound

I’m quite interested in smart homes. I’ve got several Arlo pro cameras at home, both indoors and outdoors. I got an Alexa, a Vera home control and a Homey pro, among other things.

I wanted to trigger sound when the front door camera triggered motion. This is easily done by first integrating IFTTT with arlo. IFTTT is so far the only free service I found that easily integrates with Arlo. Other services had to use two factor authentication or simply didn’t support Arlo integration. IFTTT also integrates with Sonos – the sound system that I use. However, since I’m using the free plan of IFTTT I couldn’t trigger several things or write custom code. The plan was to trigger the Sonos on full volume – since I wanted the welcoming sound to be heard from the outside, play 30 seconds of a my favourite playlist, and then turn the volume back to 20%. This is what my Then part of the Homey flow looks like

How to integrate IFTTT with Homey when Homey does not support IFTTT anymore? Webhooks.

Homey states that it’s too expensive to integrate with IFTTT. However, I found out a neat way to make it work anyway. Homey integrates well with Sonos, and also has support for webhooks – which IFTTT also has.

In the Homey app, start a logic flow and give it a unique name. You can leave the Tag as is. My flow did the communication with Sonos. The card shows you the webhook URL. It’s dependent on your cloudid, which you can get by logging in to Homey and your system information. You will use this URL in the IFTTT webhook.

The URL will look something like

Now go to IFTTT and create your applet, choose webhooks. On IF you choose Arlo, and detects motion on your specified camera, on THEN you choose webhook and make a web request. Post the URL under GET as plain/text. Save your applet, and that’s it!

IFTTT – if arlo detects motion make a web request

In case you don’t care about changing the volume, you could skip the Homey integration, and just use IFTTT. Make sure you integrate it with Sonos, and then you need to set up the songs from Spotifty (or which supported system you’re using), and make them your Sonos favourite playlists. This was a bit bumpy, since Arlo wasn’t picking up the playlist as my favourite. It worked in the end just by being stubborn.

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