DNS propagation not working for DNSSEC domain

So I had registered a domain with a Swedish hosting company, and now wanted to transfer the domain to AWS Route 53. I wanted to to point the domain towards a wordpress application hosted at DigitalOcean – administrated by the awesome CloudWays (referral link where you get 15$ if you sign up).

For the DNS settings to work I need to create a hosted zone. I created three DNS records;
A record which pointed towards the IP address of the DigitalOcean server.
A CNAME www record with value of the non www URL, and lastly a CNAME record for the Let’s encrypt SSL certificate.

Everything should work on paper. But I couldn’t reach the site. I double and triple checked the DNS records. Everything looked good. I started chatting with CloudWays support. They could reach the site. I also looked at DNS propagation sites, i.e. cloudinary.com.

The problem was that the domain had DNSSEC activated on the previous hosting provider. As soon as I deactivated the DNSSEC, it worked!

This post includes a referral link to CloudWays. I started using CloudWays in order to easier set up web applications. I’ve been using specific hosting companies and AWS EC2 servers. I didn’t like the hosting servers, and setting up an AWS EC2 server is sometimes too much hustle. But Cloudways removes all of that. Now I have a really good overview of my applications and servers. And I use both AWS and DigitalOcean.

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